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Hope City Fellowship is an authentically Christian, intentionally-diverse church plant based in Asheville, North Carolina that officially launched in November 2021!

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Sonrise Community Outreach

1543 Patton Avenue

Asheville, NC 28806



Meeting ID: 854 8577 6363

Passcode: Jesus!

"What Should I Wear to Sunday Service?!"


Different churches definitely move differently when it comes to what to wear. Some believe that giving God your best means dressing your best. Others want to be as considerate and inclusive as possible and don't want to make people who may be less fortunate to feel insecure because they don't have particularly nice clothes to wear to service.

At Hope City, we leave that to each individual.  Most people wear completely REGULAR clothes to Sunday Service. On special occasions like Mother's Day, Easter, or Christmas we may turn up and wear something particularly nice... but even then, you'll see that the focus is on the HEART, not the APPEARANCE!

You will LOVE it. We can't WAIT to see you!

"Does Hope City Fellowship offer Children's ministry at Sunday Service?"


We treasure families and we highly value children in our congregation. If you have children and would like to keep them with you during the entirety of our Sunday Service, you are more than welcome to do so. For those who would like to send their children between the ages of 0 - 10 years old to Hope City Kids- our children's ministry, Hope City Kids begins after the praise and worship portion of Sunday Service at around 11:05am and lasts the remainder of the service which typically concludes a few minutes before noon! If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to call us at 828-582-5151 or email us at

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Website Work.png

"I am a living testimony that even if He has to reach wayyyyyy down, Jesus will pick you UP! Far more than it is my JOB, it is my JOY to share the hope and the wealth that is CHRIST! I'm blessed to be planting and pastoring a church that is passionate about helping people KNOW and GROW in Christ, improving lives HOLISTICALLY, bringing people TOGETHER across the lines that divide us, and powerfully impacting the community and culture for the good of our world and for the glory of our God! 

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Hear Pastor Jazz's TedTalk he shared a few years before launching Hope City Fellowship

TEDx- UNC Asheville 2016

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