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Higher and Deeper!

Higher and Deeper is where our pastor and leaders share posts, devotionals, and articles they have developed to help others go higher and deeper in our RELATIONSHIP with GOD and a POWERFUL life with CHRIST! 

"Do you believe that gay and lesbian relationships are wrong?"

"And if so, WHY, and why in the WORLD would God be against LOVE?"

part 1- "Isn't that interesting?"

If you will ever meet a Christian leader who is not afraid to keep it absolutely 100 in truth and love, faithfulness to God and deep love for ALL the PEOPLEZ, it's your brother Jazzion.

I'm not the ONLY one by FAR... but I AM one.

That's not flex, that's facts.

And I LOVE you regardless of what you feel about this question.

So let's get it.

To begin, we ALWAYS want to ask what does GOD feel?

What does GOD say?

IF there IS a creator... and there IS one!... who is PERSONAL and has RELATIONSHIP with people... and He IS and He DOES!... then what HE thinks and feels is what is IMPORTANT and what we should build our life & risk our eternity on.

Big facts right thurrrr.

My answer to that question is YES.

I think that same-sex relationships are inherently wrong before God Himself. But let's answer WHY, what in the world same-sex attracted people should DO about that, and also a handful of OTHER questions that are relevant for all of us... God-treasured persons who have same-sex attraction AND God-treasured persons who are heterosexually attracted.


And let's begin with THIS question.

If God WAS against same-sex relationships for some reason, how would we actually KNOW?!

The AUTHOR of BIOLOGY and the AUTHOR of the BIBLE is the same PERSON... God.

Or if I'm being more theologically and technically PRECISE, I would say that it is the same TRI-personal BEING... God. The Trinity. But let's not get too deep in those theological particulars right now.

GOD is the author of BIOLOGY and also the author of the BIBLE, and He is saying the exact same thing in both BOOKS... the book of nature and the book of Scripture.


Check it out. Something for you to consider.

Isn't it interesting, that if you have two gay men in a monogamous relationship for example (we'll get to monogamous lesbians later)... monogamous meaning that they are completely committed to EACH OTHER.. they are not having sex with anyone else, clapping no cheeks outside of their OWN relationship... pardon me if I'm being too real or raw right now, but I want this to be super real...

Isn't it interesting that they have a very high chance of PRODUCING bacterial disease and infection within their committed relationship?

Yes. The way that men who have sex with other men enjoy gay sex at its fullest expression is through penetration in the rectum. The rectal wall is very thin and can TEAR quite EASILY, and therefore spread bacteria and produce infection.

This is contrasted over and against a WOMAN and a man enjoying sex (and of course God has intended for this to be in the context of marriage). But a woman's VAGINAL wall is very THICK and appears to be DESIGNED to receive the penetration of a man's penis for procreation and pleasure in marriage.

If you put a WOMAN and a man in the same monogamous relationship and both married partners are healthy, they do NOT produce bacterial disease and infection, but two healthy and monogamous men DO.

Now notice, I have not quoted a Bible verse to draw your attention to this fact. No Bible, just biology at this point.


So that this post isn't too long, I'm going to make this part ONE of my answer to the original and important question and I will be back soon with part TWO.

I want to emphasize that God loves ALL people and that through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, (repentance doesn't mean perfection, it means surrender) we can be COMPLETELY forgiven of our sins and GIVEN all the blessings of Christ.

This is INCREDIBLE news.

God BLESS you and I'm looking forward to sharing more from my perspective on how GOOD God is to us ALL at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

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