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Higher and Deeper!

Higher and Deeper is where our pastor and leaders share posts, devotionals, and articles they have developed to help others go higher and deeper in our RELATIONSHIP with GOD and a POWERFUL life with CHRIST! 

Our society NEEDS honor

by Pastor Jazz Cathcart


The Fifth Commandment... 


"Honor your father and your mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land Yahweh your God is giving you."

-Exodus 20:12


Dennis Prager suggests that within the Fifth Commandment, God is saying, "If you build a family and a society where children honor their parents, your family and your society will long survive. But the family and the society where children do not honor their parents is doomed to self-destruction." 


I believe Dennis Prager is right. 

God was and is saying this to us. 



This is happening within our society. 

Many reject the concept of HONOR and AUTHORITY and we are greatly WEAKENING and setting the stage for societal COLLAPSE. 

It's happening. 

It's underway. 


But I do not believe it is too late to turn things around. 


When a person or a people turn back to God and doing things His way, God will bless them again. That can be us. But we must do so before God gives us over to ourselves entirely.


A LOT(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of people today do not like and reject the concept of HONOR... honoring parents, honoring leaders and key contributors in the community, honoring political and spiritual leaders because of their POSITION in the community- not because of their perspective, honoring older people because they have lived beyond YOUTH not because of their current UTILITY/ society-serving usefulness...


As a matter of fact, a lot of parents today want and expect their kids to LOVE them, but not to HONOR them. 


I believe that this is because honor implies AUTHORITY and a lot of people today reject the concept of authority... to their own demise.


They do not want an authority, especially a DIVINE authority over them. 


Have you noticed how when within a family, when there is no FATHER, especially a HEALTHY father- God's initial position for authority within the home, boys grow up to have a much, much, much higher likelihood of committing crimes, having run-ins with law enforcement, disrespecting women and people in authority, using women for sexual pleasure and seeing them as objects, and lacking personal self-discipline and vision. 


Likewise, have you noticed how when within a family, when there is no FATHER, especially a HEALTHY father- God's initial position for authority within the home, girls tend to be sexually promiscuous when they become of age, and lack self-esteem, self-love, and often see their bodies as the means to get what they want and need in life. 


Honor and authority are GOOD for society. 


A child NEEDS to honor their parents. 

It's GOOD for them. 


Society NEEDS children to honor their parents. 

It's NECESSARY for us. 


And it's actually deeper and higher than parents. 

Our mother and father in our HOME, point to our Maker and Father in HEAVEN... God. 


He is the authority from which all other legitimate authority is granted and grounded. 


I agree with Dennis Prager who says, "It is very difficult to honor God without having had a parent, especially a father, to honor."


Interestingly, Sigmund Freud- the neurologist who became known as the father of psychiatry and an athiest, theorized from his work...


"One's attitude toward one's father greatly shaped one's attitude toward God." 


The good news is that in the same way that Jesus came to His original disciples and said, "FOLLOW me", and they left their fishing nets, their earthly fathers, and family businesses in order to fish for PEOPLE and be brought in by our HEAVENLY Father and His Kingdom mission...


He is calling us to do the same today.

"This can't be what it's all cracked up to be "

by Pastor Jazz Cathcart


Tom Brady was on top of the world... married (at the time) to a literal supermodel, multiple Super Bowl rings, considered by many to be very physically attractive himself, children who love him and are very well provided for, and doing what he's gifted and loves to do...

...when he stated in an interview, "Why do I have these Super Bowl rings and still think there's something greater out there for me? I think, 'It's got to be more than this.' I mean this isn't- this can't be what it's all cracked up to be."

The interviewer asked, "What's the answer?" 

Brady said, "I wish I knew. I wish I knew." 

The answer is... God. 

The answer is... everything else centered on the Source and Satisfier. 

We are built with innate, God-given desires for purpose, sexual pleasure in marriage, romance, companionship, family, friendship, service to others, and of course we need money to do most things in our world. We are all destined for a grave and as we see ourselves aging and others dying from time to time, we ask ourselves the bigger questions of destiny beyond the grave and significance and satisfaction before it. 

But only when God is at the center of it all, not merely a part of it all, do these things find their proper place, our hearts find deep contentment and joy, and the questions of what lies beyond are answered in a way that bring peace and objective purpose. 

I believe that God has revealed Himself personally, powerfully, and is doing so PRESENTLY through nature, Scripture, and a Savior named Jesus.

"Humble Towards Heaven"

by Pastor Jazz Cathcart

We all approach what we think about God and how we should do life, and how we should head towards our own mortality (the end of our life) with filters... PRE-commitments... we want to make God in our own image and our own liking.

Myself included.

We want a God, or a worldview, that supports and endorses what WE want, and what we want to DO, and what we would like the AFTER-life to be like if there IS one...

i.e. everybody goes to Heaven, or reincarnation, or there IS no after-life at ALL so live THIS one UP and as reckless as you want because this is all there IS, etc... like T.I. said, "You can have whateva you liiiiiike!"

I think this is true for every one of us including myself.

I think it's extremely important to do our very best to realize and remember that we didn't create ourselves.... there must be something far, far, far, far, FAR greater that is responsible for our life and the entire universe... and to let GO of our pre-commitments, and go wherever the evidence and our experience leads us.

If God exists... fine.

If He doesn't... so be it.

If there IS a God, and He is GOOD... we should WORSHIP Him and LIVE for Him according to how He has decided.

It would make sense that THAT would be both best for US, and entirely right and reasonable that we live for the One who created us... IF of course, He is in fact not only GOD but also GOOD.

We should say, "God, if You are real, please reveal Yourself to me. Help me to be humble, to use my logic, reasoning, and personal experience, and the wisdom of others through the ages to discover You and what is actually true. Wherever the evidence leads, that's where I will go."

One of the things that for ME sets Jesus Christ apart, is that He and His mission are not merely a matter of me and mankind reaching out and up to God... hoping to discover HIM from the bottom UP. "God are you there? I want to find You." Jesus and His Gospel (that means good news) are a matter of God also reaching out and down to US... coming to find, forgive, rescue, redeem, love, and lead... US. And at great EXPENSE to HIMSELF. If Jesus was and is RIGHT and RESURRECTED, and His Message is TRUE, that means God is both wonderfully REAL and also incredibly GOOD and WORTHY of it all.

I LOVE that.

And I BELIEVE that... NOT because I love it... but because it seems to me that the evidence for it, and my ongoing personal experience, is so extremely strong.

Either way, we should be humble, open-minded, and willing to go wherever the evidence and our "I'm willing to be wrong and change my mind" experience genuinely leads us.

"Do you believe that gay and lesbian relationships are wrong?"

"And if so, WHY, and why in the WORLD would God be against LOVE?"

part 1- "Isn't that interesting?"

If you will ever meet a Christian leader who is not afraid to keep it absolutely 100 in truth and love, faithfulness to God and deep love for ALL the PEOPLEZ, it's your brother Jazzion.

I'm not the ONLY one by FAR... but I AM one.

That's not flex, that's facts.

And I LOVE you regardless of what you feel about this question.

So let's get it.

To begin, we ALWAYS want to ask what does GOD feel?

What does GOD say?

IF there IS a creator... and there IS one!... who is PERSONAL and has RELATIONSHIP with people... and He IS and He DOES!... then what HE thinks and feels is what is IMPORTANT and what we should build our life & risk our eternity on.

Big facts right thurrrr.

My answer to that question is YES.

I think that same-sex relationships are inherently wrong before God Himself. But let's answer WHY, what in the world same-sex attracted people should DO about that, and also a handful of OTHER questions that are relevant for all of us... God-treasured persons who have same-sex attraction AND God-treasured persons who are heterosexually attracted.


And let's begin with THIS question.

If God WAS against same-sex relationships for some reason, how would we actually KNOW?!

The AUTHOR of BIOLOGY and the AUTHOR of the BIBLE is the same PERSON... God.

Or if I'm being more theologically and technically PRECISE, I would say that it is the same TRI-personal BEING... God. The Trinity. But let's not get too deep in those theological particulars right now.

GOD is the author of BIOLOGY and also the author of the BIBLE, and He is saying the exact same thing in both BOOKS... the book of nature and the book of Scripture.


Check it out. Something for you to consider.

Isn't it interesting, that if you have two gay men in a monogamous relationship for example (we'll get to monogamous lesbians later)... monogamous meaning that they are completely committed to EACH OTHER.. they are not having sex with anyone else...

Isn't it interesting that they have a very high chance of PRODUCING bacterial disease and infection within their committed relationship?

Yes. The way that men who have sex with other men enjoy gay sex at its fullest expression is through penetration in the rectum. The rectal wall is very thin and can TEAR quite EASILY, and therefore spread bacteria and produce infection.

This is contrasted over and against a WOMAN and a man enjoying sex (and of course God has intended for this to be in the context of marriage). But a woman's VAGINAL wall is very THICK and appears to be DESIGNED to receive the penetration of a man's penis for procreation and pleasure in marriage.

If you put a WOMAN and a man in the same monogamous relationship and both married partners are healthy, they do NOT produce bacterial disease and infection, but two healthy and monogamous men DO.

Now notice, I have not quoted a Bible verse to draw your attention to this fact. No Bible, just biology at this point.


So that this post isn't too long, I'm going to make this part ONE of my answer to the original and important question and I will be back soon with part TWO.

I want to emphasize that God loves ALL people and that through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, (repentance doesn't mean perfection, it means surrender) we can be COMPLETELY forgiven of our sins and GIVEN all the blessings of Christ.

This is INCREDIBLE news.

God BLESS you and I'm looking forward to sharing more from my perspective on how GOOD God is to us ALL at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

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