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Resources to help You level Up


The Holy Bible

Our pastors and speakers preach and teach from different versions of the Bible. The New International Version and the New Living Translation are among our most used because they read very similar to how we speak today. We don't stress which version you should use as much as we emphasize that you have your own COPY and to engage and enjoy God in it OFTEN! 

Gym Membership.jpg

Gym Membership

This might sound like a weird thing for a church to recommend! However, we believe that being healthy HOLISTICALLY is a critical part of following Jesus, and that our body, soul, and spirit work TOGETHER. Yes! People can exercise ANYWHERE! But the positive atmosphere, encouragement, and equipment that a gym offers can be a great blessing well worth considering!

Daily Strength for Men.jpg

Daily Strength for Men: A 365 Daily Devotional

by Chris Bolinger

There are many great devotionals out there, but the men in our congregation INSIST... this devo is on another level. Getting your day off to a great start is ESSENTIAL to seizing the day and executing your goals. This devo is a phenomenal tool to do just that. It breaks a single devotional down into two days- the first day engaging a singular Scripture and a principle anchored by a story or cultural touchpoint. The second day is the Scripture in greater context and application questions. It is a devotional that brings substance, simplicity, Christ-centered spirituality, and masculinity together in a brilliant work that every man would be blessed by. 

Prayer- Finding Awe and Intimacy with God.jpg

Prayer: Finding Awe and Intimacy with God

by Dr. Tim Keller

Having a phenomenal prayer life is something that changes absolutely EVERYTHING for the better! And Dr. Tim Keller's book on prayer is an absolute game-CHANGER. It gives the reader extremely practical and incredibly rich guidance on developing a very, very, VERY robust relationship and life-giving connection with the God of the universe. This is a MUST-have for any one desiring to experience the blessings that flow from walking closely with God.  

Procrastinate on Purpose.png

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

by Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden is young Christian millionaire who shares the wealth of his knowledge and experience. Having grown up poor and raised by a single mother, he discovered that most people who are poor are so because they have a poverty MINDSET and do not know how TIME works. He expounds on how there is no such thing as TIME management, only SELF-management, and empowers his readers to essentially MULTIPLY their time, improve their life, and get their money up by running everything in one's life through what he calls a "focus funnel". Eliminate some things all together... automate what you can... delegate what you can... procrastinate on things that are important but not urgent... and concentrate on what's left. This is a must HAVE for anyone who wants to walk in their personal potentional and be a high achiever in service to Christ and His high calling on their life. 


Kingology: The Return of the King

by R.C. Blakes Jr.

Our culture, communities, and country as a whole need men to be MANLY again! We need men to be balanced ALPHAS who are not aggressive or passive, but assertive and powerful. Men who are life-giving leaders bringing prosperity to our homes, families, and neighborhoods and making room for everyone connected to them to flourish. R.C. Blakes Jr. offers a BRILLIANT and BIBLICAL resource in this book, helping men to see themselves properly, take responsibility, and rise to their full potential.  


Queenology: There's a Queen Inside of You

by R.C. Blakes Jr.

R.C.Blakes Jr. is anointed by God to inspire, equip, and empower women from a fatherly perspective. He argues that there is a queen inside of every woman and that in spite of broken history, hurts, or hardships, every woman's destiny is royalty. He shares life-changing and life-giving BIBLICAL principles on managing emotions, maximizing potential, eliminating insecurity, keeping a royal circle, and developing healthy relationships with men. This book is a manual for queens seeking to experience God's very best and to grow as women of Christ.

The Me I Want to Be.webp

The Me I Want to Be: Becoming God's Best Version of You

by John Ortberg

God not only gives physical life and eternal life, He is PASSIONATE about people experiencing the ABUNDANT life of Jesus. In this book, Pastor Ortberg gives powerful insight and practical steps to help the reader gauge how close or far they are from life-giving abundance and where God wants them to be, and to live in the flow of God's Spirit. He shares Scripture, stories, encouragements, and exercises that will help the reader move from existing to living, and from living to thriving in Christ.  

The Magic of Thinking Big.webp

The Magic of Thinking Big

by Dr. David J. Schwartz

This book by Dr. David Schwartz is one of the most influential and highly esteemed books in personal development and self-improvement circles and is highly recommended by many of the most successful people in the world. In it, Dr. Schwartz lays out how our minds have been powerfully designed to creatively figure out ways to accomplish whatever it is that we set them to achieve. Our job is think BIG and to stay POSITIVE. Our minds will do the rest, almost MAGICLY providing a step-by-step ROADMAP to great achievement and high impact. This is not written from a Christ-centered perspective but offers the Christ-Follower a phenomenal resource on how Christ has hard-wired greatness and great potential in every person. Every Christian would benefit from reading this awesome book. 

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