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Our Lead Pastor

Pastor Jazz Cathcart

Founding and Lead Pastor / Senior Servant-Leader

What’s up people? I’m Pastor Jazz!


I’m the PROUD daddy of a five-year old princess named Hosanna Roe Cathcart and a handsome stud named Tozer who is full pitbull and half teddy-bear!


I’m so extremely blessed to serve as the founding and lead pastor of Hope City Fellowship. God is my EVERYTHING! He SAVED me from my sins, hooked me up with ALL the blessings packed inside the GOSPEL of CHRIST, and has done INCREDIBLE things in my life including getting me through UNSPEAKABLE difficulty and hurt. I… love… my… GOD! And I’m passionate about sharing the WEALTH that I have found in Jesus. 


I love helping people to KNOW God… exalting, experiencing, and ENJOYING Him… not only what He can DO for them, but He HIMSELF. “Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!” That’s Psalm 34:8 right thurrr. 


I love helping people improve their lives holistically as they follow Jesus… physically, financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. 


I love helping people walk in their calling and to make an impact with their lives.


And I love helping people experience God’s HOPE on the inside, especially through uplifting messages, music, and ministry that blesses the whole person and helps them to keep looking upward and moving forward. 


I was blessed to earn a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education from Montreat College in 2007 and a master’s degree in Church Planting and Evangelism from Liberty University in 2015. I also had the blessing of earning a certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sport Medicine in 2019. 


I love bringing my gifts and passions as a music artist, personal trainer, and reconciliation leader into my pastoring, preaching, and leading. 


Some of the things that drive and excite me as a leader of a congregation is leading and empowering the church to bless the community through enrichment events and service. I believe that a healthy disciple of Jesus, and a healthy church, is one that is growing in all three directions... UP- in our relationship with God, IN- in our relationship with one another, and also OUT- in our relationship with our community and our world. 


I also have a very big burden and passion for diversity and bringing people together across ethnic, socio-economic, and generational lines through Christ to share life as a big, beautiful, blended family. There is only ONE race- human… and in Jesus, we are not LIKE family, we ARE family. 


I’m big on being salt and light in the CULTURE… and never being bashful to speak the truth in love and working for the flourishing of society and all citizens… pushing back on social and moral decay… and pushing the culture FORWARD for the glory of God. Thy Kingdom COME! Thy will be DONE!… on EARTH as it is in Heaven! 


My heart and my hustle… 

Love God. Lift people. Change the world.

God BLESS you!

Tel: 828-582-5151 (Hope City Fellowship)   |

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